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OCN 958
OCN 958



OCN 958 is oil soluble ashless Amine based rust inhibitor recommended for turbine oils, Circulating oils, hydraulic oils at 0.035 to 0.10% w/w. it also gives excellent Performance in greases, automotive and other synthetic oils at variable dosages depending upon the final requirements. It can be used as a rust inhibitor/friction modifier in first factory fill engine to meet D.B.Corrosion test at 0.25 -1.0 %( Running in oils).


                                        Results                                Test Method

Physical State                      Liquid                                     Visual

Color                                 Amber                                    Visual

TBN                                     30                                   ASTM D-2896

Flash Point °C min.               175                                   ASTM D-92

Viscosity@100°C cSt              18                                    ASTM D-445

Density @ 25 °C                  0.93                                         

DOSAGE: OCN 958G at 0.035 - 0.10% treat level in circulating and Hydraulic oils will pass the ASTM D-665 A & B rust test.


1) Test Greases (Lithium -12-OH Stearate , NLGI Grade II)

    Dosage: 1 to 1.5 % of OCN 958

    Static Rust Test ( ASTM D-1743), Roller bearings, Prepacked with               Grease stored at 100% relative Humidity @ 25 °C   for 2 weeks

    Results: Free of Rust, Rating 1.                                 

2) Test Greases (Calcium complex grease)

    Dosage: 1 to 1.5 % of OCN 958

    Dynamic EMCOR Rust Test (IP 220/DIN 51802)

    Result: Salt Water, Bearing rating 0, no rust.



When compared with conventional succinic acid half ester type rust inhibitors, OCN -958 has following additional performance benefits.

1.It gives better performance at lower concentrations and also cost effective.

2.Higher maximum protection due to high thermal stability.

3. Effective on ferrous and non ferrous metals.

4. Easily miscible and flowable liquid.

5. It has excellent reserved alkalinity which protects oil against   degradation & acid /sludge formations.

6. Even at higher concentration s it does not allow gum and lacquer/varnish formation.

7. Excellent inherent dispersancy which help in preventing deposit formation.

8. It prevents catalytic effect of the metal at higher temperatures.

9.Compatible with all conventional automotive and industrial additives