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NAPA announced Fleet Intelligence.
A View of gas fuelled bunkering ships

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 29th May, 2017.

NAPA today announced that it has launched a new concept of ship performance monitoring, a "plug and play, Zero - installation," cloud-based web service known as NAPA Fleet Intelligence, which is intended to provide high-accuracy performance monitoring for any vessel, regardless of ownership or charterer.

"For charterers and cash-strapped owners, it will deliver simple, transparent, affordable and accurate efficiency data to drive competitiveness and profitability with zero installation and zero disruption to operations." explains NAPA.

The service, which delivers voyage-by-voyage analysis of fuel efficiency for any conventionally powered vessel dating back as far as January 2015, is availabale through a scaling subscription.

The service  brings together vessel design information with remote-sensed data, including AIS, chart data, and environmental data, and incorporates NAPA-developed algorithms and hydrodynamic calculation based on detailed ship performance models for each vessel type.

A final report displays voyage-by-voyage data on the route taken, speed profile, fuel efficiency, and an optimised speed profile to enable customers to improve the next voyage.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence reports are noted to have been verified against real-world ship performance data collected through NAPA's on-board vessel performance monitoring systems, with accuracy found to average at about 95 percent.