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crude today:Brent crossed $65
The disruption of forties

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 12-12-2017.

Brent Crude oil pries have crossed $65 today and prices are bulled back during trading hours. Brent prices rose above $65 after july, 2015 on the news that the forties pipeline in U.K is closed for maintenance due to cracks found. Forties pipeline news underpins the Brent prices. 

U.S crude stocks are expected to show another fall for fourth consecutive week as per the polls before industrial agency and government agency reports released. Forties pipeline is an important as majority of  North Sea crude passes on trough this pipeline and dated Brent prices are predominantly influenced by this move and world oil prices are driven by Brent price movement.

WTI and Brent price today

The U.S crude grade oil WTI(West Texas Intermediate)   futures are trading at $57.85 with fall of 14 cents or 0.241% while Brent futures are trading at $64.73 with an increase of 4 paise or 0.062%.