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Bitumen prices are increased abnormally on 1/10/2018
Going through rough path

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar 

Bitumen is a sticky, Black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid composed primarily of highly condensed poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Bitumen is used in road construction due to various properties and advantages it has over pavement construction material.

In India, Oil marketing companies revise the Bitumen prices on fortnight basis. On 1st Oct, 2018, Bituminous product prices are increased drastically  across all the depos . In Visakha, The basic prices of  Bitumen 10 (Bulk), Bitumen 30 (Bulk), Bitumen 10(pkd) and Bitumen 30(pkd)  are went up by Rs.4390 per Mt. where as Bitumen 40 Bulk  basic price is jumped by Rs.5039 per Mt. CRMB 55 Bulk basic price is jacked up by Rs.3770 while CRMB 60 Bulk price was pushed up by Rs.3859 per Mt from Visakha depo. Bituminous product prices are getting increased for last couple of month which in turn push up the infrastructure cost.

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