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Another increase of rigs by Drillers for fourth consecutive week
alarm to OPEC

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 04-12-2017

Over view of Rig Count as on 1st Decembr, 2017

The total no of  6 rigs were added by U.S oil companies across the country  for the fourth straight week coming to 929 nos. 2 rigs were increased in oil fields to total number of 749   while  4 rigs joined into gas fields to the total count of 180 nos . Canadians increased 4 rigs in oil fields and 3 rigs in gas fields  coming to the total of 222 rig machines, which was 200 a year ago.  

The prolific Permian basin in West Texas, the most active region in the U.S, hiked 4 rigs, bringing region’s total to 397 meanwhile Haynesville shale, A gateway to north Louisiana which stretches across East Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas put up 3 more rigs for 43 nos, The Williston basin in North Dakota gained with one more rig to 48 nos. The Mississippian Lime basin, a carbonate formation that primarily produces oil, which underlies a large portion of Northern Oklahoma and Southern Kansas,also increased one rig  to  nos.


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